The Meaning of Tattoos

In different cultures tattoos are given different importance. In the olden days the most common reason for getting a tattoo done was for decoration. Till date most of the people get tattoos done only to decorate themselves.

In certain cultures tattoos are used for identification purposes. Tattoos for identification purposes are done even today by many tribes in Africa, Australia and in the South Seas.

There are cultures in which you can get a tattoo done just for personal happiness. In some cultures boys receive special tattoos once they reach manhood. They get tattoos done even when they get married.

Mokos, Polynesian and Maori facial tattoos were applied on warriors when they did an act of bravery for the tribe.

Roman people used to tattoo their slaves so that they can recognize them easily. The people of Tahiti got tattoos done so that they can tell the story of the wearer’s life. The present tattoo culture in the western hemisphere started with sailors traveling to exotic foreign lands. They collected tattoos in every harbor they were stationed.

Every tattoo has a meaning to it, be it a fun tattoo or a spiritual tattoo. People around the world get tattoos done for several reasons. Some get it done for decoration and some for the meaning it holds.

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