Eagle Tattoos

Tattoos hold many meanings, mostly spiritual in nature, and they also symbolize strength or power, harmony and other qualities. And, eagle tattoos are one kind of tattoos which signify spiritual growth.

Eagles mostly live in tall trees or on high cliffs and they’re mostly seen soaring high above the ground. Hence many people think of them as independent, strong, and fearless. Some eagles protect their region by fighting in mid-air. They never back out when invaders approach.

Eagle Tattoos

Eagle tattoos is a typical male design, which symbolizes the eagle’ royalty. Most of the military and patriotic service tattoos feature eagles. Eagle is a very old symbol which is regarded as ‘solar’.

Where to place eagle tattoos

Eagle tattoos look very good as a back piece. The eagle has a wide wing-span which allows the tattoo to stretch from shoulder to shoulder. The back has ample area for detailed feathers and a unique background.

However, eagles look good anywhere. Eagle tattoos can be done on the hips, ankles, biceps, and forearms.

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