Butterfly Tattoo Designs and Their Significance

Butterfly Tattoos are one of the most popular tattoo designs. Women are more fascinated to get a butterfly tattoo done on their body. Butterfly designs are more feminine.

A butterfly is regarded as an emblem of the temporary, uneven characteristics of the lower human soul. The caterpillar lives its phase, making for itself a cocoon. After a stage of dormancy the caterpillar breaks open the cocoon and emerges as a butterfly.

These views led the ancient Greeks to use the butterfly as a symbol of the human soul (psyche). In their tradition Psyche was represented in art with butterfly wings.

Finding the right design

Butterflies are very beautiful so it is very tough to choose the best design. There are so
many ways of depicting them in ink as there are different kinds of beautiful personification of the butterfly. Butterfly tattoos range from big bold butterflies to small delicate butterfly tattoo designs.

If you want to get a butterfly tattoo done on your body, then you should have a look at
pictures of real-life butterflies and not just pictures of butterfly tattoos. It is very
good to know the common name and the scientific name of the butterfly you wish to get. This helps in increasing your knowledge about the butterfly.

Why do I Get a Butterfly Tattoo done?

Butterflies are very beautiful and colorful hence the tattoos of butterflies come out very
beautifully. They symbolize the delicateness of life and they are full of feminine qualities.

Mysterious meanings of butterflies

In some cultures people believe that butterflies are the souls of the dead. Another set of
people believe that the appearance of butterflies indicates the arrival of a baby.
Some believe that if you see a butterfly among flowers in a dream it signifies prosperity
and a need to settle down. If a butterfly is flying around then it means it is bringing news form a long lost friend.

Where do I place Butterfly Tattoos?

Butterfly tattoos are mostly done on the shoulders, lower back, ankle and abdomen.

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