Tattoos for Health

Tattoos are not only used for fascination and style, in fact they are used for health too. In some places like South East Asia and South Pacific, tattoos are used for health purposes.

Health Tattoos in Tibet:
Health tattoos are very common in Tibet. There people tattoo their bodies with sacred mantras, mantra wheels and mantra flags. According to the Tibetans health tattoos help the person wearing the tattoo get inner and outer stability and harmony.

It is fascinating to note that the Tibetans get tattoos done on certain acupuncture points. They blend certain medicinal herbs in the dyes to get certain medical effects.

A tattoo of god on the person in troubles is another common practice of tattooing for health purpose. They believe that the god will bless that person and relieve him from problems.

Tattoos in India:
Tattooing for health reasons is very popular in India ever since the ancient time. Tattoos of Lord Hanuman and Lord Shiva are the most common tattoos on the bodies of Indians.

Yet another fascinating instance of tattooing for health and well being can be found among Ainu women. They tattoo themselves to look like goddesses so that the wicked forces of disease would run away from them.

Like in Tibet and India, in many parts of the world people re-tattoo themselves in order to maintain their youthful look. In the same way, elderly Ainu ladies re-tattoo their hands and mouths to get back their weak eyesight. Maori girls tattoo their lips and chin to look attractive.

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