Laser Technique removes tattoo without scarring

According to a Harris Interactivity Survey, out of 45 million tattooed Americans, 17% would like to get rid of their tattoos. However, no technique had been successful in removing the tattoo without scarring the skin.

But with the invention of Laser technique all those who want to remove their permanent ink reminders of their failed relationships or juvenile stupidity, can see their dream coming true.

The latest Laser technique can erase tattoos without scarring the skin. This technique is believed to be superior to the already existing tattoo removal techniques which leave scars on the skin. But the procedure might be costlier and time consuming than getting tattooed.

Patients who have undergone laser tattoo removal have described it as, “a really hot Exacto knife slicing through your skin.” But still for those who want to undo with their tattoos the technique makes their dream come true.

Dermatologist, Jeffrey Orringer, M.D, University of Michigan Health System talks about the superior laser technique,

“Current technology allows the physician to choose certain wavelengths of laser light and shine them on the skin. The wavelength of light from the Q-switched (or quality-switched) laser targets the ink in the skin; the ink heats up when absorbing the laser light, and the balls of ink ‘pop like popcorn’ – but on a microscopic basis.”

The complexities and number of sittings increase according to the part that is tattooed and also the colors of the tattoo. Orringer says,

“I’d say it’ most difficult to remove a tattoo from the ankle area. The hands, fingers and other areas at the end of extremities are also more difficult because of a difference in blood flow. Darker colors, such as black, are easier to remove; vivid, bright colors can be more difficult.”

Treatment options in this technique include lasers, one of the most common of which is the Q-switched, or quality-switched, laser; surgical excision; and dermabrasion, the “sanding” of the skin.

The dermatologist says,

“Risks of laser removal of tattoos are similar to those associated with small wounds. The treatment itself can be uncomfortable or even painful as it creates small breaks in the skin. Some crusting or bleeding may occur in the area after treatment. Small risks of scarring, infection and discoloration of the skin also exist.”

Source:  Science Daily

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